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Only courageous, responsible and conscientious people are able to create their own health. Such a path to health opens up our hearts and minds and makes so many transformations in us that we become  completely different people.

Our spa is not an ordinary salon. In our work we use a holistic approach, based on the age-old traditions of natural oriental medicine and many years of experience in the field of holistic regeneration of the body. We strengthen vital energy, boost the immune system and teach mind and body self-care. Together we create healthy lifestyle for the whole family.

Nowadays it is especially important to take care of the mental and physical health. In our practice we use an original method of comprehensive healing, rejuvenation and restoration of human body reserve capacity by Aleksander Haretski, which is already known all over the world. It is based on harmless natural methods and a unique know-how. For more than 10 years this method has been helping thousands of people not only to prevent diseases, but also to cure themselves of serious ones that are considered incurable. The use of Aleksander Haretski’s method in our spa allows for a holistic activation of the body’s functions for immunity strengthening, health prevention and body regeneration. We do not offer individual procedures, but a whole series of treatments according to a proven method, because only a complex effect on the body can achieve the goal of a healthy body and a healthy mind.

The spa specialized stuff works on the basis of Aleksander Haretski’s original method of organ regeneration, biological rejuvenation of the whole body, comprehensive healing of chronic “incurable” diseases and slowing down old age with the help of natural medicine. It is a unique method that comprehensively affects the entire body, activates regenerative processes in the body, increases immunity and thus contributes to renewal of the body and health improving. It is an extremely effective method that has been proven on thousands of people for many years.  We are the only institution in Poland, apart from the Academy of Regenerative Medicine, where this method is applied. We use only proven know-hows and for the peloid treatments we use the most nutrient-rich peloid – clay-mineral mud from Lake Saki, which is also called black gold.

Cała nasza kadra odbywa szkolenie w Akademii Medycyny Regeneracyjnej z zakresu autorskiej metody Aleksandra Haretskiego regeneracji narządów, odmładzania biologicznego całego organizmu, kompleksowego uzdrawiania z przewlekłych chorób „nieuleczalnych” oraz spowolnienia starości za pomocą medycyny naturalnej. Więcej o metodzie na stronie: