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    The Creo Authorial Primary School and Creo Kindergarten is an educational institution based on alternative teaching methods, experimental and global education, education in contact with nature, inspired by closeness of parents, non-violent communication, Reggio Emilia approach which emphasizes the development of key competences, communication skills, critical thinking, foreign languages ​​and a healthy lifestyle.

    The Association “You Give Life” is a charitable organization that helps patients in obtaining funds to pay for treatment with the use of natural medicine. The Association cooperates with auxiliary institutions working through Alexander Goretsky method.

    The Academy of Regenerative Medicine is a leader in the field of health prevention, body cleansing and healing from severe, chronic, incurable and genetic diseases. It is the only place in the world that applies a comprehensive method of treatment that heals, rejuvenates and restores the reserve capacity of the human body with the help of simple and harmless natural methods.