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Please see the list of contraindications. If they occur, booking of treatments is not possible.

Negative attitude of the client, disbelief in treatment, body regeneration and self-healing negatively affects the client’s consciousness and will, reduce the effectiveness of treatment.

The client’s serious health condition, fever,  bleeding, open wounds, decompensation of body systems, heart failure( stage D), kidney failure (stage IV), cancer (stage IV), kidney and hemodialysis failure.

Direct contact and sexually transmitted diseases.

Severe physical or mental illness (psychosis, psychopathy, schizophrenia).

Smoking, alcohol drinking and drug use are prohibited on the entire area adjacent to the building.

Any of the above-mentioned contraindications makes the visit impossible.


If the client has electrically conductive implants, an electrical, a magnetic or a mechanical pacemaker in the heart, it must be mentioned in the survey when making the reservation. In this case, some treatments are not possible.

Disabled clients requiring special care and not able to move independently are not accepted for treatments without guardians (guardians may not have any of the contraindications listed above).

Minors are accepted for treatments as part of the family package only under the supervision of their parents / legal guardians or as a part of a school package with the consent of their parents / legal guardians.