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Gua Sha massage

Gua Sha is a healing massage technique. The sophisticated Chinese massage of Gua Sha is performed with a massage machine, stones (basalt plates) and with the use of special healing oil. It is the most effective therapeutic massage that cleanses the circulatory and lymphatic systems, restores the nervous system and damaged muscle tissues. It also stimulates the immune system and the regenerative processes, helps to flush out toxins. The first massage is painful and leaves painful bruises on problem skin and muscles areas. The treatment supports the secretion of serotonin, a tissue hormone called the “happiness hormone”. It has slimming properties, helps to firm and tighten the body and reduces cellulite.

In our spa Gua Sha massage is performed in combination with Chinese cups, which gives an additional firming, regenerating and cleansing effect. The Chinese cupping massage stimulates and expanses blood vessels, improves blood circulation, warms and improves the outflow of lymph through the lymphatic vessels, improves the nervous regulation of reflex reactions in a certain segment of the body. Vacuum pressure of the cups causes a local outflow of blood from the vessels (bruises usually appears on the skin where the cups were used) and the blood in the extravascular space is processed by the cells of the immune system as foreign bodies that stimulates the multiplication of scavenger cells and increases the body’s readiness to defend itself in case of infection, toxic substances or other threats.


Gua Sha massage:

  • improves lymph outflow,
  • improves  blood circulation
  • stimulates body vital energy
  • relieves pain
  • tightens the skin
  • accelerates toxin elimination process
  • oxygenates the skin
  • increased growth of new cells (anti-aging effect)
  • lightens and firms the skin
  • accelerates body recovery processes, including wound healing
  • heals chronic pain
  • relaxes and increases elasticity of the skin
  • refreshes and brightens the skin
  • reduces swelling and tension

Most of the massages and treatments are performed with the use of patented natural oils enriched with herbs or honey and the therapeutic effect is enhanced with music therapy and aromatherapy.