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Sauna and body hardening

Infrared sauna

Thanks to the beneficial effect of infrared radiation, it quickly warms the body and relaxes tense muscles. Only in a few minutes a person using the IR sauna feels the relaxation of the whole body, a half-hour session soothes the nerves, calms and reduces the level of stress and thus improves client’s well-being. Sauna supports the process of cleansing, elimination of toxins, stimulation of blood circulation and metabolism and body regeneration. Due to maintaining optimal humidity and not very high ambient temperature (it reaches a maximum of 60 degrees Celsius) the IR sauna does not cause breathing problems.

Alternation of cold water with a sauna is the most effective and safest way to fight colds, flu, chronic diseases, fever, pain, viruses and pathogenic bacteria. Short-term thermal irritation by pouring cold water has a stimulating effect on the body, fights all kinds of infections, boosts the immune system and regenerative processes.

Sauna is the basis of each of our comprehensive service  package.